A glimpse of the Diamond Jubilee

I had to travel to London today for a couple of meetings over the next few days. I realised I would arrive in London a little before the Queen was due to appear on the balcony at Buckingham Palace. So, on the realisation that it was very unlikely there would ever be a Diamond Jubilee again in my lifetime I decided to try and go and see some of the celebrations. After a brisk walk from Bloomsbury, I arrived at Trafalgar square to one of the large viewing screens of the palace balcony. This set of images are not the usual quality – I was trying to avoid the rain and the multitude of umbrellas that were trying to poke me in the eye. Nevertheless, I arrived just as the doors opened and the Queen led the Royal family out onto the balcony.

She did lot’s of waving and lots of smiling.

And then the flyover of the spitfire and Lancaster bombers – camera struggling with the rain at this point.

Then the Red Arrows. My camera was really struggling at this point, it was covered in rain and still managed to get this image!

A substantial portion of my view was this umbrella. A moment or two after this shot a very angry lady went to tell the man to get it out of the way – she wanted to see the Queen, not his umbrella!

II decided to take a wall along the Mall after the celebrations had finished, but again my view tended to be of umbrellas.


After getting thoroughly soaked, and exhausted from travelling I decided to call it a day – but very pleased with my last minute decision to be a part of a moment in history – I even had my own little flag to wave!

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