Passing the Shard

This week I had a meeting in London, and that gave the perfect opportunity to have a wander round with the camera. Unfortunately there were no blue skies to provide a nice background, but the landscape is still quite impressive. The photograph below is taken from Tower Bridge. The ship you can see near the centre is HMS Belfast, famous for protecting the arctic convoys during the Second World War.

The Shard, one of London’s newest skyscrapers – the tallest in Europe, seems to be nearing completion.  The last time I was in London it wasn’t at half this height. It seems to fit in with the shiny building theme of the area.

Outside City Hall there were some news crews talking about Boris Johnson’s recent mayoral victory.

Carlos appears to be standing in just the right position to end up on TV…or getting in the way of the news presenter.

We found a great little Italian restaurant near Tottenham Court road:  Melanie. As usual, I had carbonara.

There will be a few more shots from London soon, and I really should get back to sorting through the highlights from our earlier trip to Northumbria.

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