Vistas from Porto – Spring in Serralves

Can you have too much of a good thing? After my last post I had decided to finish off the series on Porto and move on, but I can’t resist sharing our visit to the garden in Serralves. A couple of hints: upon showing our University researcher cards we were given free entry to both the park and the art museum. It took us the entire morning to visit the garden alone, and then we had to go away. So, make sure that a) you go with plenty of time to spare, because there is a lot to see, and b) if you are a student or a University researcher, bring your card.

Serralves was beautiful in this early Spring:

I decided to try to use the Macro setting in my camera: free-hand, colour profile changed to vivid and…

Nice, but I wish I had a tripod, and I am not entirely sure about the colour boost. What do you think?

In case you’re tired of flowers already, the built structures are also interesting to look at:

There is this geometry to the structures, but the gardens themselves are pretty much free-for-all. The exception was this bit:

I do like the geometrical parts. One of my friends told me the other day I think in boxes; instead of arguing with her, I made a scheme.

Cool effect, isn’t it? I closed down the aperture as much as I dared, trying to make sure the small fountain in the end could be seen.

Nature does tend to colonise the geometry, every now and then…

And in case you want to do some gardening…

In case you’re wondering – yes, that is an actual size person. Check out Ricardo Porto’s shot of the very same spot.

Hope you enjoyed that. If you happen to find yourself in Porto, check it out!

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6 thoughts on “Vistas from Porto – Spring in Serralves

  1. Beautiful collection! It is always fun to journey with our cameras through gardens and spaces, for one never knows what is to be seen or even photographed.
    It seems you had lots of light, maybe too much? But the colors are good, they are real. Sometimes on Vivid the color becomes to rich, to other worldly

  2. Thanks Jeff!

    We had quite a lot of light, and because of the uneven canopy cover it was patchy in places. My real problem was the screen in the back of the camera does not show an accurate colour when the images are shot in RAW, so it always looked like the shots were underexposed, and I was compensating for it. A good deal of those photos could do with some post-processing.

    The same thing happened days later, when we visited Warwick Castle. Cloudy sky, grey walls, dull screen = me messing up. Oh well, guess I am learning some lessons!

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