Kenilworth Castle: Tournament Day

It was tournament day at Kenilworth Castle so there were lots of battle re-enactments in the fields surrounding the castle. English heritage events like this are always good fun, and this year we didn’t even have any rain. Actually it was quite a warm day so the knights must have been roasting in the metal armour.



This was the jester – a very animated chap!IMG_0381

The English heritage night at the entrance to the castle.

IMG_0425Well worth a visit if you are in the area. You can see other photographs of the castle grounds from our previous trip here, and here.


Up to the sky

Looking up at the Beetham tower in Manchester, an imposing structure in the Manchester skyline.



One of the best photos I took the last time I was in London – certainly Jenny’s favourite of the lot – was just outside this pub. A photo I saw from afar and ran to catch. It happened that the conversation got animated while I was framing – luck plays a role in these things.

_MG_1106Also, the look on the lady’s face was priceless. And to think I was almost discouting her as I was taking the shot.

Filtered colour

Every time I look at this photo it reminds me of films where the principal photography has been filtred green or blue, to give suggest a grim urban environment. Examples that spring to mind include Minority Report, parts of Chungking Express, Push and most of the Bourne series.

_MG_1100Not that this was a grim time at all; just another evening out in Soho.

Tea and coffee

Or in this case, coffee and then tea. First in Grindsmith in Manchester, and second in Sugar Junction, also in Manchester.



Encouraging bees

I’ve been making an effort to try and encourage bees into the garden his year, with quite a bit of success (so much so that there are some bumblebees living in a hole in the wall underneath the decking)! Anyway out in the garden I used my phone to capture these images – not bad for a phone camera.



Piggy back

Just a bit of horsing around. Soho, way too long ago.


Looking up

Taken from inside The Cube in Birmingham – interesting architecture both inside and out.

The Cube Birmingham

In castle grounds

A few details from Cardiff castle.


Near the entrance to castle house there were some impressive stained windows. The member of staff near the entrance explained that each of these windows showed previous owners of the castle. IMG_0500


Probably one of the most impressive rooms – this was the ceiling – and this picture really doesn’t do it justice. A beautiful golden room.IMG_0506

As with many castles, an impressive library. IMG_0529

Glimpses of Oxford

We spent the week in Oxford for work. A beautiful city which we will have to go back to explore properly. Home to the Bodleian library.


With all the tourists milling around it would be easy to forget that this is a working library.


There were a lot of great little independent shops which I could have spent hours in. This one has a lot of Folio Society books – one day I’ll get a nice collection. Oxford



The Grand Cafe claims to be the oldest coffee house in England…IMG_0685

On a quick walk along the canals one day we were greeted by lots of local wildlife. IMG_0698

For me this has to be one of the best locations for a conference opening ceremony. The conference was nothing to do with dinosaurs but it was a nice setting.

This was where I’ve been having breakfast this week…IMG_1787