On patrol

There are always crowds in Trafalgar Square in London but as I walked through I noticed that a crowd of people were moving as a group around the square. Then I noticed why. Birds of Prey were being used as part of a pest control strategy, mainly to scare off the pigeons.





London in Black and White

As I mentioned in an earlier post a recent trip out of the office for work meant I had a chance to explore a little more of London. The last post showed some of the more colourful images, today’s post shows some of the black and white scenes.

Every now and again I like to take a longer path to where ever I’m going and taking some of the alternative routes to my destination. I did that this time and ended up discovering a range of different coffee shops I never knew existed.

DSCF2301-2 DSCF2306-2






London in colour

Life has been so busy that unfortunately Oblique Exposure has been a little neglected – it’s something we will hopefully be remidying in the near future with some exciting travel plans. In the meantime I had a chance to get out of the office recently to attend a few meetings, and making the most of the opportunity I took the Fujifilm X10 with me. The photos are split between a few posts- the first focuses includes images in colour, while the second only includes images in black and white.

I have never noticed the colour of these buildings before despite walking through this area on a relatively regular basis – it certainly brightens up the skyline.






Had it not been shortly after breakfast I might have stopped for something from this selection of delights!DSCF2313

The Rainforest Cafe near Piccadilly is a fun experience if you’re looking for a bit of food in an different environment (the cafe is decorated like a rainforest, complete with rainstorms). It wasn’t open at the time but as usual the windows were full of cute stuffed animals.

DSCF2316  DSCF2322



I’ve seen most of the memorials in London but I hadn’t seen this one before, the Crimea War Memorial. DSCF2329

As you can see here, as in much of London, there is construction going on what seems like everywhere – even in districts where you think they couldn’t possibly be building any more. DSCF2331



I was once told by a teacher that to explore a place properly you need to remember to look up. She was right, at eye level there are so many distractions, and often there are so many more details to the city if you raise your view a little, as I did here. DSCF2356





Shades of nature

Walking around Thrapston gravel pits in Northamptonshire brings back a lot of childhood memories for me. With many of the trees still bare I decided to try out some of the black and white filter pre-sets in Adobe Lightroom. Here were a few of the results.






Nature’s details

With the sun shining, like many other people, we took to the countryside. As a child I was often taken to Thrapston gravel pits at the weekend, for a walk, and usually, to feed the ducks. There will be another blog post shortly which shows a little more of what the area looks like, but this post focuses on the details. There were a few signs that Spring is on it’s way too.

IMG_4132There were quite a lot of trees and branches which were broken, while this one has clearly been here for a while I think a lot of trees around here suffered damage in the recent storms.






IMG_4163It was lovely to be able to go for a walk, without a coat, and enjoy some sunshine, let’s hope there’s more to come.

Side by side

A walk in the park

With a couple of hours to spare at the weekend we spent a while taking a leisurely stroll around Hyde Park – I walk through the park every day but just straight through following the road,  so I haven’t really had the time to explore the area.




The Albert Memorial with the Royal Albert Hall in the background. IMG_4056In Hyde Park you can often see some of London’s most pampered pooches, but sometimes they are just happy to have a good run around.

IMG_4058The gates of Kensington palace, full of golden decoration of course.



Exploring the Natural History Museum

While it may be the dinosaurs that draws people to the Natural History Museum it is home to so much more.


IMG_4074  Even the building decoration was in-theme, but it was always designed to be home to items relevant to natural history. IMG_4090This is probably the closest I will ever get to a tiger!





Searching for dinosaurs

What most people visiting the Natural History Museum in London are looking for is dinosaurs. If you visit at the weekend you are likely to have a bit of a wait – as you can see here, there were a lot of people looking for dinosaurs.

Natural Histroy Museum London

Natural History Museum London Diplodocus

Bright lights in Theatreland

I don’t often get the chance to do any photography in the evening in London. When I finish work I’m usually just in a hurry to get the train home, so it was nice to have a bit of time to see London after dark.

I feel I need to try Jamie’s Diner here – just because they have a neon dinosaur sign.

IMG_4024Should you be tired of walking in London, there are alternative forms of transport.

IMG_4027We completed the evening by a trip to the Gielgud Theatre to see Strangers on a Train. I mainly wanted to see this because Jack Huston (of Boardwalk Empire fame) was in it, but would definitely recommend it.