Evening in London

A symphony of lights.

London at night

Fill the frame

I always struggle with filling the frame. Like with a book page, I need white space so I can focus on what is important, the moment or story I am trying to capture in the first place.

Fill the frame


Cold, cold night

London, a couple of weeks ago.


To the Isle of Skye!

Scotland again, at Kyle of Lochalsh. You can see, in the background, the Skye Bridge.

Bridge to the Isle of Skye


Ah, for a chance of going on holidays again.


The light. At night

Brussels, December 2014. One of the best photos I’ve taken in a while.

The light at night

Tunnel vision


Meanwhile, in London, the rehearsal for the imminent remake of Singing in the Rain had spilled onto the street.

Dancing London


A beautiful R107 Mercedes SL, from somewhere between 1972 to 1989.


Brilliant (little!) car.


Brussels, December 2014.