Fresh fish

A common view (for now) back in Espinho, the Portuguese city where I come from: traditional fishwives selling locally-caught, fresh fish.

_MG_1277-2Back in the days you’d often see these women (and they’re all women) balancing wicker baskets on their heads and crying out how fresh and local the fish was. These two ladies look like they’re moving on from that – they have a little cart and I suspect the temperature-controlled bags and styro on the floor are part of their kit too.

When light hurts (not!)

We’ve had a proper rainy, dark day here in Coventry today. Ironically I am going through my photos from last month, when we visited Porto. Not quite the same


Quite a bit of work went into the RAW processing of that photo: adjust shadows down and keep the highlights relatively high to give that strong contrast look worked, but I found the whites very harsh. I ended up changing the white balance a little to mellow the tones. It works for me.

What do you think?

Transport in Porto

Getting around in Porto. You can run….

Or ride the historic tram, as part of the tram city tourIMG_0862

Nature’s urban takeover

In cities you often see derelict buildings, and while they are sad to see it’s also fascinating to see how nature takes over when it has the chance – seen in here in a couple of buildings just outside the centre of Porto.


Exploring Portugal

While in Portugal we went to stay for a night in one of the National Parks, Parque Nacional da Peneda-Gerês, a beautiful area of the country with plenty of dramatic landscapes, as well as being home to wolves and golden eagles.


We stayed in a hostel for the night near Vilarinho das Furnas, and this was the view from my window – I wish my evening view was like this more often. IMG_0794



There are a lot of dams in Portugal – which explains there high level of renewable energy used in the country. IMG_0826

And behind the dam, a reservoir which covers a former village which was flooded as part of the construction of the dam back in the 1970s. 

Riverside in Porto

While in Porto we took a walk along the Douro river. On a bright morning like this, while a little hazy, it’s easy to see why this area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



If you look around the area you’ll notice all the different Port Wine brand names (Calem in the photo below) as most of the port wine cellars and companies are located in this area, many over the other side of the river in Vila Nova de Gaia.IMG_0886


Perfect place for a cafe!IMG_0889

Looking over the river here you can see one of traditional style boats for the area, which these days take tourists up and down the Douro. You can’t see too clearly on this photo but the boats often have Port brand names on the side, and this one has the Ferreira brand. So this boat literally has my name on it! IMG_0891

In memoriam: Ricardo Porto

Ricardo Porto, Portuguese street photographer known for the porto street shooting blog, has recently passed away.

There is probably nobody on the Internet street photography fraternity who hasn’t come across Ricardo’s work. And whenever you had the privilege of talking to him, he was always generous and positive. A real gentleman.

Having never met Ricardo, I cannot lift the veil about the man behind the viewfinder. But there is one thing I can do: to share photos from the city of Porto. Featuring some of the same streets and the same light which for years graced our screens – Ricardo, these are for you.




Rest in peace.

Sitting place

One of the family cats, called Rita, who likes to sit on this spot by the bicycle. She does not look particularly impressed about having her picture taken.


Porto Street Art

On a recent visit to Porto I noticed lots of different street art pieces I hadn’t seen before.

So this one wasn’t street art exactly, but many shop windows had various illustrations in this style.


A great way to make the features of the street look more colourful. IMG_0832









A strange montage of animals and plants, but colourful nonetheless, and it has a panda on it which appears to be drinking from a wine bottle and the giraffe appears to have fish as earrings. Clearly this artists has a very vivid imagination. IMG_0896



Why have a boring plain front door when you have one like this? IMG_0912

Retro gaming and computing street art. IMG_0914


IMG_0909Exploring street art in cities is a great way to look for details in the urban landscape.

Through the Looking Glass

Cardiff, back in July.

_MG_1220I have said before that I struggle with shooting through glass, and I maintain that it is a difficult thing to do. But when it works…