Coffee in Brum

The art-déco themed Yorks Espresso Bar, in Birmingham.

_DSC1552Apparently they have cold coffee on tap; I didn’t try it. The espresso, however, I can vouch for. Give it a go.

Monotone Birmingham

On another visit to Birmingham I decided to experiment a little by taking a few shots and converting them all to black and white. I’ve missed getting out into the streets for photography – there has been far too much work recently and not enough respite. This is something we are working on and hopefully there will be a resurgence of Oblique Exposure activity soon.

Birmingham UK

Part of what I love about taking photographs in cities is that there is so much going on, more or less all the time – everywhere you look is more snapshots of life to be captured. Birmingham UK

I limited myself to the 40mm lens which made capturing the tall buildings more challenging.Birmingham UK

Birmingham UK

Birmingham UK

This bird helpfully flew into the shot for a little extra contrast. A classic view of the bull ring. Birmingham UK

Birmingham UKI’ve visited Birmingham more in the last few weeks more than I have in my entire life, and the visits are likely to continue. If you’re a photographer from Birmingham or know the area well, where do you like to explore?

The Photography Exhibition 2015

After a couple of crazy weeks (months? year?), we managed to get a few days off work to rest, finish moving home and generally get a break. So we decided to visit the Photography Exhibition 2015, at the NEC in Birmingham. It was a very interesting and inspiring day, from all the camera manufacturers trying to tempt you with the latest and greatest models, plus some really tempting deals) to small companies selling services like printing and framing. Oh, and drones. Many drones.

I shot my Canon 11ooD all day (ISOs between 400 and 800) with the 50mm f/1.8 lens all day. I also avoided to buy any cameras! Well, almost. Jenny will tell you more about that in due time.

Nikon often gets a bad rap where I am concerned, so here’s a shout out for the people in yellow!

_MG_1003In big shows like these I always like to shoot around the edges of the main action. Every now and then, I get busted (but I am yet to be called out for it!).

_MG_1009Hasselblad had a couple of Marilyn Monroe impersonators on stage, and they were probably the most photographed people of the day. That said, if you catch them while they’re off-duty…

_MG_1019We were very lucky to catch up a talk with the great Don McCullin. He talked through his war photography, which was both brilliant, touching and horrifying. A very engaging speaker._MG_1022Don went on to answer audience questions for well over 30 minutes, often on what were very personal issues, with both clarity and candour. It felt like a special moment; the audience was clearly enraptured.


Evening in London

A symphony of lights.

London at night

Fill the frame

I always struggle with filling the frame. Like with a book page, I need white space so I can focus on what is important, the moment or story I am trying to capture in the first place.

Fill the frame


Cold, cold night

London, a couple of weeks ago.


To the Isle of Skye!

Scotland again, at Kyle of Lochalsh. You can see, in the background, the Skye Bridge.

Bridge to the Isle of Skye


Ah, for a chance of going on holidays again.


The light. At night

Brussels, December 2014. One of the best photos I’ve taken in a while.

The light at night

Tunnel vision